Corporate Profile

MTS Allstream delivers innovative products and services to our business customers across Canada and to all market segments in Manitoba. Leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit and skills of our 5,500 employees, our close customer relationships and our national broadband network, we provide a broad range of solutions including high-speed internet, wireless, digital TV, converged IP networking, and unified communications.

As the fourth-largest communications provider in Canada, we have many strengths. Where we are uniquely competitive is our national reach, combined with our deep regional strength – roots – in Manitoba. Across our company, we are building for the future, leveraging our unique competitive strengths in striving to be – bar none – the best communications provider in Canada. Our common shares are listed on the TSX (trading symbol: MBT). Click here to read our Annual Report.

MTS Allstream’s head office is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Here is the mailing address for our corporate headquarters:

MTS Allstream Head Office
P.O. Box 6666
333 Main Street,
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3V6

If you are looking for specific contact information for our customer care organization, media or investor relations departments, please visit Contact Us.

Our Industry

MTS Allstream and the Canadian Telecommunications Industry

The Canadian telecommunications industry is constantly evolving, owing to changes in technological innovation, new regulations, increasing competition and rising expectations for customer value.The telecommunications industry in Canada historically has been one of our strongest sectors due, in part, to our geography and the great distances we need to bridge from coast-to-coast. We believe that it will remain at the centre of Canadian life in the future as an enabler to economic growth and community enrichment.

Today, more than ever, Canadian society and the organizations and individuals who function in it are highly dependent on a web of high-speed interactions, transactions and collaborative activities that flow across networks designed, built and operated by providers such as MTS Allstream.

Network Technology Innovation

Advances in internet protocol-based communications, next generation mobility systems, and fibre optic technology continue to radically increase the capabilities, change the economics, and drive the convergence of previously separate networking silos and business segments in the industry. The result today is an increasingly powerful, all-encompassing, globally connected network infrastructure that is at the service of millions of Canadian consumers and businesses, enabled by a proliferating array of new devices and applications.

Regulatory Evolution

The Canadian industry has on balance evolved toward a more competitive environment over the past decade, with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission (“CRTC”) responding to greater demands for new regulations toward the goal of injecting more flexibility, diversity and competition into the market. We believe that the Canadian economy – and Canadian society as a whole – can only benefit from the continued evolution of the regulatory framework governing our industry.

During 2006, several policy and regulatory decisions were issued that were positive for the company on an overall basis. These CRTC decisions lowered the costs incurred by our Consumer Markets division for the use of the local network facilities controlled by the incumbent telephone companies. In December, the federal Minister of Industry issued the first-ever policy direction that recognizes the direct link between competitor access to incumbent-controlled local networks and vibrant competition in the telecommunications industry, particularly in the business market. Developments also have occurred with respect to the potential auction of wireless spectrum to drive more competition in the national market.

Our Business


MTS is the leading full-service communications provider for business and residential customers across Manitoba. For more than 100 years now, MTS has been at the heart of Manitoba’s economic growth and community life.

MTS is the market leader in Manitoba with many strengths that have made us one of the most efficient, innovative and profitable regional communications operators in North America. MTS has the best distribution channels and richest bundling capabilities among its competitors, which is supported by a pervasive infrastructure and exceptional brand recognition in Manitoba. We have long been recognized as an industry innovator, often being first to introduce services in areas such as digital television, the Internet, electronic commerce, fax and other advances in telecommunications.

Through our full range of services, our major investments in our network and workforce, and our many community activities, MTS is well-positioned to remain a productive force in helping Manitoba evolve towards a prosperous future.


Allstream is a leading national communications provider that works exclusively with businesses of all sizes.

An industry leader in delivering innovation, our focus is unifying and elevating all the ways that businesses connect and collaborate to serve customers, to drive workforce and partner productivity, and to get payback on networking and IT resources.

Today Allstream counts more than 65,000 businesses – large, mid-sized and small – among its national customer base, including many of Canada’s leading enterprises in sectors such as financial services, airlines, consumer goods and the public sector. Among our well-known customers are BMO Financial Group, Stella Jones, Transat, WestJet and various provincial governments.

Even though Allstream is by definition “all business”, our unique competitive difference relates to the “personal”: the ability to forge close relationships with our customers by understanding their business from their perspective and delivering what’s important tothem.